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I suppose I have always been creative, and needed ways to express that creativity.  When I was young, it was through dancing, once I got a little older I discovered painting.  I find that my mind often leads me to mental spaces where I crave simplicity.  Or at least a material process which mirrors the abstract processes of the mind.  By this I mean A tangeable problem you can work out through your hands versus a mental question which can be impossible to find an end to.  

I painted for about three years on my own, learning what I could here and there , taking courses and apprenticing under a mature artist.  Then I was accepted into OCAD university where I have just completed my first year of art school.  

I'm lucky to be going to school, yet I struggle with the effect it has on my creativity, often leaving little to no time to really paint.  Regardless, I am determined to learn as much as I can and work on becoming a technically proficient artist.  

What I love about painting or dancing or any kind of art is how you can become so immersed in the process that you lose track of time.  That's a great feeling.  I want to spend my life experiencing that feeling as much as possible.  I hope you enjoy my artwork and peak at the evolution of my creative process.